Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuetano......Roasted Bone Marrow

Requested by mister Masa Assasin and glad to oblige.
Our recipe for roasted bone marrow with salsa negra:
The deal with this one.. its all in the sauce, its all in the bread, its all in the quality of the bone marrow.
Get your butcher to get you the best parts of the femural bone, cut in 2 inch pieces (the butcher knows its the center cut of the bone) rub with oil and coarse sea salt, pepper optional and pop in the oven at max heat until well browned ( time will depend on the size of the bone and your oven).
Sauce is basically your classic pasilla sauce,

Get a couple of tomatillos
a ripe roma or perita tomato
half an onion dice
1 garlic clove
3 pasilla chilis toasted
2 guajillo chilis toasted
1 Chile de Arbol toasted
Sweat the onion with the garlic and fry the tomato and tomatillo,
put all the ingredients in the blender and blitz, just add salt and pepper to taste
you can also add some cilantro if you want.
Toast a few slices of good old rustic country bread...."Hogaza" makes some great bread but we make our own..and just smear the bread with the buttery soft and wonderfully sensual bone marrow, drop a dollop of our black sauce, some sea salt and enjoy my friend, cause you are in for a treat.
Try some great hand made flour tortillas instead of bread if thats your thing...its perfectly acceptable but I love the crunch we get from our baguettes.
Buen provecho amigo.


Masa Assassin said...

Thank you so much this sounds fantastic! We make pasilla very similar. I hope to try the tuetano recipe soon. Saludos

Byte64 said...

This is what we call ossobuco and your recipe looks yummy.


Guillermo Jose Barreto said...

well usually I always referred to it as "midolo di manzo" which I used in my "risotto alla milanese" recipe or "midolo arrosto" when I was living back in Italy. I think Ossobuco is a little bit more descriptive of the cut, generally refering to the thinner part of the veal shank (stinco di vitello) "meat and all", and also pork or lamb. Beef on the other hand is probably to thick to serve as a braised item on a menu as a single portion (not very estetic). Why dont you try it and let me know what you think, I would love to hear your intput on this recipe. We are soon doing a subtitled video recipe on this blog, hope you´ll check it out.
take care and keep on cooking.

Mely (mimk) said...

I can eat this any day, my mouth is watering. I will have to cook this soon. Thanks for a great dish. And also for stopping by to visit my blog.

Have a great day!