Thursday, June 18, 2009

Porchetta at the Mercuri´s

The perfect table setting...............

The antipasti .... sliced pork rump roast with vegetable aioli, baked yellow peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice, scalloped beef tounge with lime vinagrette, red onions and raddish. Mango, lettuce and cucumber salad. The pasta... farfalle con funghi.

Prosciutto and cheese stuffed focaccia, topped with olives and cherry tomatoes.

The star, roasted crispy porchetta with baked new potatoes. not a very summery dish, but hell if we care...

...porchetta goooooooooood.

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Mely (mimk) said...


Nice and interesting recipes, I will be coming back often.
Love the setting and ambiance of the dining room.