Friday, August 21, 2009

La Guerrerense...........simple things done right

Many people often turn to short cuts to get ahead, but once in a while you find someone that inspires you, leaving behind all thoughts of bling, bang and the rock and roll lifestyle for a more humble and spiritual peace. When cooking, many chefs often find their place in the universe behind a blazing stove while others won't step foot in a kitchen without thinking about getting paid, laid, rubbing shoulders with a celebrity or getting his ass kissed by the occasional foodie that might come through the door that day.

Most young cooks will never get a chance to shine yet some will always be remembered for going into an almost zen-like devotion and making just a few items yet doing them the way they should have always been done.

La Guerrerense is just that, a woman that having never gone through formal training, is revered by many as the best ceviche and seafood street vendor/cook in Mexico. Day in and day out you will always find her behind the cart handing out the freshest seafood tostadas in Ensenada, everything from abalone to sea urchin, fresh tuna and fish pate. Nothing fancy or pretentious, just delicious. She always gives it that extra touch by setting up a variety of sauces, toasted chilies with peanuts, pickled cucumbers with habanero, and chili olive oil, all made by her.

Fresh is always best, and having the dock just a couple of blocks down, you know its the real thing. No frozen, processed or canned grub here. Is ceviche easy to make? well yeah, but its no easy shore to set up shop every day giving it only your best.

You can find Dona Sabina hard at work, seven days a week. And whenever you find yourself at the corner of 1st Street and Alvarado, dare to try the sea urchin tostada, and definitely the conch and fish pate one ; ask for a side of avocado and top it with any of her hand made salsas and infused oils.